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Lesson # 342a June 19, 2008

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One thing I have learned about having kids is that with every victory comes at least 3 set backs and they don’t have to be in the same arena.

For instance Tuesday my son ate vegetables and yesterday he drew on my car with a rock. Yes, you read it right, a rock, a big ‘ol fat rock.

We were visiting my parents yesterday and on a visit to the tennis courts, my mom teaches summer tennis lessons for kids (you can check out her site at www.Tennisnews1.com) my son surprised me with the wonderful “piece of art”. As I was on the other side of the car getting my daughter out of her car seat, he peaked his head through the minivan and so happily, and proudly, expressed, “Mommy, I draw on your car for you.”

I mostly ignored his statement, because I know we didn’t have any crayons or markers in the car. I know my car needs to be washed so I exclaimed, “Oh really, what did you draw?” figuring he drew on my car with his finger.

And then to my shock, he explained,”Mommy I draw on your car with a rock!”

(Oh well, maybe he doesn’t know what a rock is? is he even sure what a car is?)

I slowly looked up and there he was with that 3 year-old innocent grin on his face, weapon in hand.

I stopped breathing, not that I own a Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover or anything like that, but my 3 year old Honda Odyssey, which I love, has treated me well.

So where was I?

Oh yeah, how could I forget?

I think I suffered a mini heart-attack and blacked out as I ventured over to the other side of the car to access the “damage”. And sure enough, over the front wheel he drew a couple circles, lines and a nice train track (as he would call it) on my driver side door.

What are your supposed to do when your 3 year old draws on your car with a rock?

Does he understand that the rock will not only damage the car but completely ruin his father’s next couple weekend as he tries to get the scratch out?

My husband, who is a stickler about cars and keeping them clean, took a look outside after being “informed” about the “work of art”, came in and was as calm as I have ever seen him (meaning he was super (excuse the expression) pissed and trying not overreact.

I said to him, “So what are you going to say to him?”

“What do you want me to say to him?” he said.

“I don’t know, something, he did draw on the car with a rock!” I said, expressing the obvious!

So, in the most calm manner, my husband expressed to his 3 year old, while changing his pull-up, that you are not to draw on cars with rocks or anything and that as punishment, he will help daddy wash the car on the weekend.

My son, got up ran out of the room, “And said mommy, I get to us the hose!


Thank god for teachers June 17, 2008

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I know there are plenty reasons we should be very grateful for teachers if not just for education but socialization and awareness. I love my son’s preschool teachers and I love them a little extra tonight.

My son who has been on a vegetable boycott for the past year, seriously, a year, ate corn this evening for dinner simply because at school they talked about summer and corn was one of the summer vegetables they mentioned. (If only it were always that easy, I should ask the teachers to throw in a discussion about broccoli!) Of course after seeing her brother happily much away on his corn on the cob, my 16 month old ate corn for the first time. She had boycotted every vegetable except for carrots because she was probably terrified every time I put veggies on George’s plate and he left them alone or made a disgusted face and ran for the trees every time I asked him to take a bite (is that a saying? run for the trees).

Anyway, so tonight was a victory, thanks to his teachers (one of the many thanks I owe them).

It was also the first time we sat in our new house and ate a nice grill-cooked dinner around the table. And everyone ate what was on the plate, everyone (I know that will never happen again).

It was nice, calm and reminded me how lucky I am to have my beautiful family.

Now the after-dinner calmness has escalated into George running around the house, saying the “baby monster is out to get him”.

And yes, Sophia is chasing him.

Sophia, my 16 month old, with a bump on her head the size of a ping pong ball (she ran into the corner of a table this morning), literally, is running around the house, chasing George.

Life couldn’t get any better.


No Sophia! June 16, 2008

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I love, love, love my daughter but honestly,if she were my first, I am not so sure there would have been another.

She is sweet, adorable and can your melt your heart with the bat of her pretty eyes, but she is also very, very exhausting. From the minute she wakes up, to the minute she falls asleep at night she is completely into everything. From climbing on the toilet and going into the toiletries, opening the freezer (mistake of a bottom freezer), going in the dishwasher, climbing on the chair to the computer desk, the kitchen table the train table and anything else she can reach or jimmy herself up on. She also rips books out of the bookcase and climbs up on the table and throws fruit from the fruit bowl onto the floor.

And she doesn’t take no for an answer. I am so tired of saying no that I have started giving my 16 month old time outs in her playpen. Does a 16 month old even understand a time out?

I have no idea what to do.

What do you do to “control” your over active infant without curbing their desire for curiosity?

My daughter is completely out of control and I am afraid if I don’t do something about it now she will just get worse. I am being like this as a 16 month old is one thing but being like this as a 3 year old, I don’t know if I could handle it.

Anyone have any advice for dealing with the “active” infant? or finding ways to keep her attention off all the bad stuff and into the “good” stuff”?

Let me know.


i’m up and running June 14, 2008

Hey Ya’ll! (That must be my Texas spirit coming out)

Yeah! I can’t believe my laptop is finally up and running. My laptop is my confidant, my companion and my way to reach out to all you in that craziness we call “motherhood”!!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. We moved, a whole 2 blocks over, but you’d be surprised how much moving you have to do for a whole 2 blocks! All the packing and unpacking. I seriously feel like I should have loaded up my kids Radio Flyer and walked my stuff down the street! Well, I know that would not have gotten me far, but still, you get my drift!

Anyway, we are moved and settled (for the most part) and I hope you will join me for more posts and more craziness.

The fun starts Monday, hope to see you then!

And oh yeah…Happy Father’s Day!