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Teething October 24, 2007

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I forgot about the horrors of teething. Mostly because when it begins you think it lasts forever, but all of a sudden they can walk and they pay less attention to the teething, and so do you. My baby girl Sophia is in the teething trenches. She is sleepless, cranky and leaves a river of drool everywhere. For fun I searched the internet for some different and innovative ideas to sooth the teething pain. I didn’t find too many different ideas but I did come across, Teething Bling,made by Smart Mom Jewelry. Teething Bling consists of pendants, key chains, rings and bracelets, made from the same material as many teething toys. I know that my daughter won’t chew on a teething toy but she will chew on my necklace or key chain, so this seems to be an innovative alternative. And believe it or not, the items seem pretty attractive for a teething ring. Check it out!