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Cut it Out February 5, 2009

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I loved the binkie.

I was excited and put at ease when my daughter took to it.

It soothed her when at times I couldn’t, and keep her pretty much content. But now, I look at the binkie with slight amusement and much despise.  Just like another good ‘ol habit, I want to step on it, burn it and kick it to the curb.  Sometimes I find myself asking, who invented the binkie and did they have children?

The binkie should come with a warning label.

This product can be addictive. Withdrawal can cause major distress to the user and the parent. Addiction can cause all parties involved sleepless nights, temper tantrums and crying fits. Please use with extreme caution.

My son never sucked his thumb or used a binkie.

To my daughter on the other hand, the binkie is her security blanket, in all situations. It was attached to her lip like a growth, a cute one, but a growth.

Although it doesn’t feel like it upon withdrawal, I am sure benefits outweigh the risks, increased brain function and reduced risk of SIDS seem like a far cry when your child wants the binkie, you can’t find one in your purse and find yourself sweating as you dart to the nearest baby aisle to calm the latest public display of “binkie attachment”.

Not only should the binkie come with a warning label, it should come with a withdrawal manual: Tips to successfully “detatch” the binkie from you toddler, physically and mentally. I’ve heard tips that range from going “cold turkey” , burning the tips off, to dipping the tips in coffee (which seems like a disaster waiting to happen).

I tried the cold turkey trick and only lasted about 5 hours because the entire 5 hours, my daughter cried for her binkie. So I went for a slightly more gradual approach, after all, my daughter is persistent, demanding and not one to fall to any old cheap trick.  I cut off the tips to the binkies and laid them on the floor in her “usual” spots. As she spotted the binkie, she excitedly made her way to the binkie and as fast as she put it in her mouth, she took it out in disgust.

“Broken” she proclaimed, and dropped it on the floor.

A bit confused she looked at it for a while and walked away. I approached her with the binkie (the broken binkie) and she turned her shoulder to me and walked away. I said, “It’s broken. Should we put it in the trash?” And she nodded her head. As we said bye bye to the binkie.

It has only been one day and I do let her keep one in her crib to use in her crib only. I’m all for not using the binkie during the day, but I wasn’t ready to give up a couple sleepless nights. Not quite yet.

Like I said a couple days ago, we are trying for a third and I wonder if I will find myself at wits about whether or not to give my newborn the binkie. Afterall, binkies now come personalized, in fashionable colors and blinged out.

How could I resist!


The Perfect Day, ending in the 2 year-old way October 23, 2007

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I hope some of you out there will enjoy this. My son has a Thomas the Train obsession. When he can’t find Thomas the Train, any train will do. On drives to my parents house we pass train tracks maybe 4 or 5 times. He remembers them all. Anyway, it was a nice fall day and we were taking a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo. It’s usually great. We have a membership, and we only live like 10 minutes away, so you can’t beat it. The Zoo has a nice train ride for kids. My husband keep telling George we were going to go ride the train. That was not a good idea. Once he heard the word train, that was all he wanted to do. We looked at the monkeys, the Tigers, the soon-to-be-gone Elephants and he wanted nothing to do with it. To my surprise he remembered where the Train ride was and keep walking in the direction of the train. So we gave in and took a train ride. He erupted in tears when we got off . To make a long story short, he rode the train 3 times and cried about how he wanted to go back to the train the whole time we were there. You gotta love it!

Here is the visual:

Mommy and George on the Train


Daddy and George on the Trainpa030029b.jpg

George wishing he were back on the train


Parting shot…



You won’t believe….. October 22, 2007

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…what my son did! I was on the phone and he comes into the room showing me his fingers. I didn’t see any cuts so I say, “You’re fine” and I go back to talking on the phone to my dad. But he stands there showing me his hands and I take a closer look and I see what looks like, like graham cracker, that maybe he spit up, all over his hands and feet. But I don’t remember giving him a graham cracker and I smelled it, and it didn’t smell like graham cracker. Because it was poop. He pooped in his diaper and I guess because he didn’t tell me and I didn’t smell it, he sat in it and it smeared up the back of his diaper. I am assuming he then proceeded to reach his hand in his diaper and take some out!!! UGH!! What is the fascination with 2 year olds and diapers. I wish he would poop in the potty. He was doing really well peeing on the potty for a while and then he started school and it backfired. He won’t go anywhere near it. When I ask him if he has to go he screams and emphatic, “NO”!! Any suggestions? Does anyone have any experiences with poop and their kids? Please let me know I am not alone!!! 🙂