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Rainy day post October 26, 2007

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Tomorrow we were supposed to be going to the Boo at the Zoo, but I fear the rain may interfere. We have been going to the Philadelphia Zoo for this even every year since George was born. Here is a picture from our fist outing:


It’s nice because, especially for the younger kids, it creates a safe environment for them to enjoy Halloween. I don’t really want to take him door to door yet, and this is a place he can wear his costume, see other kids in their costumes and experience a little bit of Halloween. But we may have to change our plans.

Anyway,so it is raining and it got me thinking. Here are ten things I never thought I would say as a mother and ten things that make my heart smile. Here is goes.

10 Things I never thought I would say:

10. Back away from the Cat Liter! Yes, for some reason, George sees cat liter and thinks of it as a big sand pile for his monster trucks to go off roading. I know…EW,GROSS.

9. Look, it’s a big dirt pile, Go Have Fun!! At my husband’s home softball games there is a big pile of dirt and well, it keeps him focused and in one area. Dirt is washable.

8. Mommy is going pee-pee, please close the door! All you parents know when the kids came, the privacy went out the door.

7. Don’t sit on your sister! Yes, during one fearful moment he attempted to ride her like a pony.

6. How many times do I have to tell you, don’t chase the cat. Some people are worried about the way their pets will be with the kids. I was worried about that at first, but now I am worried about how my kids will be with the cat. I honestly think he is traumatized. He stays in his closet until the kids are napping or go to bed and then he comes out. UGH!

5. If you are good in the store, I’ll buy you a toy. All right, there, I said it! I’m not past a good bribe, especially in desperate measures.

4. “You better not do that or I’ll tell daddy!” Hey, I was desperate. It made me feel better, but of course it didn’t work.

3. “Look green French fries” My son is on a vegetable boycott. I cut zucchini like French fries, lied, and he ate them.

2. “Don’t eat poop.” If you read my previous post, or if you have a boy you’ll understand

1. “I sound like my mother ” Don’t get me wrong. That is not a bad thing. I have a wonderful mother. But we all swear it won’t happen and it does sooner or later. It’s fate!

1o Things that make my heart smile:

10. Sophia’s babbling.

9.George recounting randomly a new song he learned at school, when I was wondering if he was even paying attention.

8. Sophia’s 2 tooth grin.

7. Sophia copying her brother, screaming.

6.George comes over to me on the floor, puts both his hands either side of my face and says “awww”, like I have down to him more times then I can remember.

5. George sharing his toys with Sophia or giving her “baby stuff” to play with.

4. George making Sophia laugh, and Sophia loving every minute of it.

3. Watching my husband lay on the floor while Sophia and George climb on him like he is the latest jungle gym (daddy’s are the best kind), and he loves every second of it.

2.George yelling back after I put him down to sleep, “Love you mommy”

1. My husband coming home after a long day of work for him…and for me.

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