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Big #1 February 8, 2008

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Can you beleive it?

She’s on the run!

My baby girl is turning 1!



Baby’s First February 3, 2008

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My daughter’s first birthday is steadily approaching.

So, comes the dilemma, do I go big or small?

Of course I would love to go big and all out, but is that really necessary?

For Sophia’s first, I decided to have a very small and informal intimate affair with family.

My son’s first birthday was not too big. We had it at my parents house with family and close friends. We all had a great time, but I came to the conclusion that with 2 people or 20 people, he would have loved it the same.

But, just because I am having a small affair doesn’t mean I don’t want it to be special and memorable.

But what can I do that is fun and interesting?

According to Baby Zone, children in Argentina receive pulls on their earlobe for their birthdays. Traditionally one pull for each year of life. And some Norwegians families surprise the birthday child by rubbing butter on their nose for good luck.

In America, just like all the other holidays and events, we celebrate birthdays with food and singing.

Nothing wrong with a good cake!

But what about making memories that will last?

Amazing Moms featured a great idea, called Messages to Baby. They suggest, ” before the party decorate a shoe box. During the party provide guests with a piece of paper and pen and encourage them to write a message to the baby that can be read at a later date when the baby gets older”. They suggest topics such as “my hopes and dreams for you” and “what I like about you”. This is a cute idea! (Making a shoe box for a baby shower and having guests write , “my hopes and dreams for you”, may also be a great idea for a baby shower.)

For my son’s first birthday I purchased a mat board picture fame with about a 2 ” edge. Before the guests left I had them sign the picture frame with birthday wishes to George. After I had his one year picture taken framed the picture with the mat board, it turned out really cute.


It’s something that we’ll always be able to look at and remember the day, it’s also neat to see what others wrote. (Kinda reminds me of looking back at my year book.)

The party is really for the parents, I mean, we did make it through 365 days of diaper changes, feedings, teething,and colic. So we deserve a party! Right?

Give me some ideas!

What did you do to make your little ones first birthday memories last?