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Thank god for teachers June 17, 2008

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I know there are plenty reasons we should be very grateful for teachers if not just for education but socialization and awareness. I love my son’s preschool teachers and I love them a little extra tonight.

My son who has been on a vegetable boycott for the past year, seriously, a year, ate corn this evening for dinner simply because at school they talked about summer and corn was one of the summer vegetables they mentioned. (If only it were always that easy, I should ask the teachers to throw in a discussion about broccoli!) Of course after seeing her brother happily much away on his corn on the cob, my 16 month old ate corn for the first time. She had boycotted every vegetable except for carrots because she was probably terrified every time I put veggies on George’s plate and he left them alone or made a disgusted face and ran for the trees every time I asked him to take a bite (is that a saying? run for the trees).

Anyway, so tonight was a victory, thanks to his teachers (one of the many thanks I owe them).

It was also the first time we sat in our new house and ate a nice grill-cooked dinner around the table. And everyone ate what was on the plate, everyone (I know that will never happen again).

It was nice, calm and reminded me how lucky I am to have my beautiful family.

Now the after-dinner calmness has escalated into George running around the house, saying the “baby monster is out to get him”.

And yes, Sophia is chasing him.

Sophia, my 16 month old, with a bump on her head the size of a ping pong ball (she ran into the corner of a table this morning), literally, is running around the house, chasing George.

Life couldn’t get any better.


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