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Me time November 6, 2007

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Every mom needs “me” time.

At least I do.

It helps me stay focused when I have ten thousand things to do and it helps me stay calm when a toddler tornado sweeps through my house, and an infant storm follows closely behind.

It allows me to breathe.

One big way I get my “me” time is by working out. If I can get my workout done, I feel like I have already accomplished a lot, so everything else is just bonus. I usually workout, every morning, after my husband leaves for the hospital around 6:00 (he is a nurse, yes, a MALE nurse, big joke…Meet the Fockers, if you’ve seen it you will understand).

Anyway, it is hard to go to the gym, so I try to wake up before everyone else does and get in at least 30-45 minutes. If the baby wakes, up I put her in her swing, bouncer or play yard and she falls back asleep. So because it is hard to go to the gym, I rely heavily on workout tapes. My favorites are the “old school” Tae Bo with Billy Blanks.

By Old School, I mean without the Amped bar, the Amped bar is good but I think it focuses completely on upper body. So I like the workouts without the bar, or the workouts with the “billy bands” also get your heart revved.

I switch it up with the Firm.

The carido/weight workouts with the step kick butt. Love it. If I don’t put the steps away fast enough, my kids also love it (something to climb on and a car ramp for my son).

I recently ordered something new, Beach Body Power 90 with Tony Horton.

I got it yesterday,broke it out this morning and I love it. He has a great stretching routine which wakes up your body and he is very inspiring, which I don’t know about you, but for me, it helps to get through the workouts on those days I would rather sleep in.

And then last but definetly not least I add a little Winsor Pilates.

Because I don’t get to go to the gym, but the 2 days a week my husband has off, it helps to have variety with my workout tapes. And then all those walks and running around with your kids are just extra.

Sure, I would love a treadmill, but because that’s not int he budget right now. I think the tapes are great. And with the variety, you can switch it up.

I love working out and when I work out I find the days go smoother, I have more energy and if everything goes berserk, I’m strong, I’m confident, there’s no taking down mom!