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Shirts with Sass November 12, 2007

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It seems that since I have had a baby girl, I am constantly looking for new clothes. (Especially something that’s not pink with lace)

Don’t get me wrong,I love all the pink, bows and lace, but you can only take so much.

I stumbled across this great website called Ella Bee Baby. The creator calls her items “whimsical, unique and simply adorable”, and I’d have to agree. They carry a large selection of items for babies, toddlers, twins and big kids.

My favorites are “Bow to the Princess”,

Great for any little girl because we all have a little princess in us!

And “Eat my dust”

for your hard core son!

They even have shirts ready to “tickle your bells” for the ever so rapidly approaching holiday season.

Even though they may not be able to read them yet, you’ll definetly give some parents a good laugh and your little one will be the center of attention at the playground.(As if they needed more!)


9 months old

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Our baby girl Sophia had her 9 month check up today.

I can’t believe how fast time flies. She is a healthy 20 1/2 lbs and 28 1/4″ tall. Here she is drool and all. This is her new thing, making this face where she crinkles up her nose. Gotta love it!



Great Fall Day November 5, 2007

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Yesterday was a great day.

George cut the grass with daddy.


And Sophia had her first wagon ride.


I think she was more interested in watching her big brother mow the lawn.

One of my favorite parts about having kids is seeing everything through their eyes. It is like experiencing everything of the first time. I love how their views are so fresh and so simple, how they laugh with their hearts and embrace unconditionally the love you give them.


Clothes for the Sassy Baby November 4, 2007

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I came across this website in one of my parenting magazines and I love it. Created by a stay-at-home mom with a great sense of humor. Babywit, creates baby clothes that are definetly not cookie cutter. They have sass and style for that baby or toddler that has a rock-n-roll attitude. I love their diverse items. My favorite are the baby shoes with skull bones and a bow for that girlie touch.

They also have t-shirts for toddlers you can get adorned with the funny sayings of “I can’t be good all the time”, “Center of the Universe”, and “I was here first”. Gotta love it! Check it out!


Referee November 2, 2007

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I am soooo in love with my kids, but the more Sophia is moving around, the more I am playing referee.

“Don’t touch that”

“Don’t sit on your sister.”

“Those are her toys, you have your own.”

“If you don’t want her to touch your drink, please put it on the table.”

It is funny. Though I need a whistle and a striped shirt.

“Foul play near the train table.”

“That push was play interference.”

“No, face mask, she is half your size.”

I wish I had a camera, for this moment, but Sophia, loves to crawl after George’s plate. You would swear I am starving her. I was at the computer and I thought I put his breakfast, safely up on the table (kid size table). I forget now that she pulls to a stand and cruises, not much is out of her reach. Anyway, I turn around and she has a fork with scrambled eggs in one hand and a piece of toast in the other, mouth open, ready to take a big bite! Kodak moment.


Horrible day October 29, 2007

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The worst thing happened since I have been a mom. I am sure more are to come and possibly worse than this. But here it goes. When I was pregnant with Sophia we decided to buy a Graco Duoglider Stroller, a double stroller. We purchased it off the Baby Universe website. So, I use the stroller at least 2 times a week. We use it for walks because, my son likes to walk and ride, off and on through out the walk. I have gone for walks with the 2 of them and only used the single stroller but you know what happens when they don’t want to walk anymore and you don’t have a stroller or room in the stroller, it is not a pretty site. So we use the double stroller. You can hook your car seat to the back seat, which we were doing until about 1 1/2 months ago, and I felt okay with her sitting in the back seat. So anyway, I took the stroller out this morning, like I do every morning, opened it up, snapped in place and proceeded to safely put my daughter in the back seat (my son sits in the front). After she was secure, my son decided he was to run off because he thought I was ready. Well, I took no more than 3 quick steps with the stroller to grab him, like I have done plenty of times before and the stroller buckled and folded with Sophia in the seat. I just about had a heart attack and I am still shaken up about it. I quickly unfolded the stroller and took her out. She was shaken but seems fine, i did the full mommy check up, she has no bumps, bruises, she can move her head both in every direction, she is not crawling, she is pulling to a stand, cruising and all the other stuff she did before. She isn’t crying , she ate well. I thought the worst had happened and I can’t believe this did happen. Nothing like this should ever happen. I emailed the company and I will call them. I will never use that stroller again. I was horrible. Just wanted to share and vent. So if you have that stroller please use it with great caution.


Teething October 24, 2007

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I forgot about the horrors of teething. Mostly because when it begins you think it lasts forever, but all of a sudden they can walk and they pay less attention to the teething, and so do you. My baby girl Sophia is in the teething trenches. She is sleepless, cranky and leaves a river of drool everywhere. For fun I searched the internet for some different and innovative ideas to sooth the teething pain. I didn’t find too many different ideas but I did come across, Teething Bling,made by Smart Mom Jewelry. Teething Bling consists of pendants, key chains, rings and bracelets, made from the same material as many teething toys. I know that my daughter won’t chew on a teething toy but she will chew on my necklace or key chain, so this seems to be an innovative alternative. And believe it or not, the items seem pretty attractive for a teething ring. Check it out!