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Horrible day October 29, 2007

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The worst thing happened since I have been a mom. I am sure more are to come and possibly worse than this. But here it goes. When I was pregnant with Sophia we decided to buy a Graco Duoglider Stroller, a double stroller. We purchased it off the Baby Universe website. So, I use the stroller at least 2 times a week. We use it for walks because, my son likes to walk and ride, off and on through out the walk. I have gone for walks with the 2 of them and only used the single stroller but you know what happens when they don’t want to walk anymore and you don’t have a stroller or room in the stroller, it is not a pretty site. So we use the double stroller. You can hook your car seat to the back seat, which we were doing until about 1 1/2 months ago, and I felt okay with her sitting in the back seat. So anyway, I took the stroller out this morning, like I do every morning, opened it up, snapped in place and proceeded to safely put my daughter in the back seat (my son sits in the front). After she was secure, my son decided he was to run off because he thought I was ready. Well, I took no more than 3 quick steps with the stroller to grab him, like I have done plenty of times before and the stroller buckled and folded with Sophia in the seat. I just about had a heart attack and I am still shaken up about it. I quickly unfolded the stroller and took her out. She was shaken but seems fine, i did the full mommy check up, she has no bumps, bruises, she can move her head both in every direction, she is not crawling, she is pulling to a stand, cruising and all the other stuff she did before. She isn’t crying , she ate well. I thought the worst had happened and I can’t believe this did happen. Nothing like this should ever happen. I emailed the company and I will call them. I will never use that stroller again. I was horrible. Just wanted to share and vent. So if you have that stroller please use it with great caution.