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You won’t believe….. October 22, 2007

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…what my son did! I was on the phone and he comes into the room showing me his fingers. I didn’t see any cuts so I say, “You’re fine” and I go back to talking on the phone to my dad. But he stands there showing me his hands and I take a closer look and I see what looks like, like graham cracker, that maybe he spit up, all over his hands and feet. But I don’t remember giving him a graham cracker and I smelled it, and it didn’t smell like graham cracker. Because it was poop. He pooped in his diaper and I guess because he didn’t tell me and I didn’t smell it, he sat in it and it smeared up the back of his diaper. I am assuming he then proceeded to reach his hand in his diaper and take some out!!! UGH!! What is the fascination with 2 year olds and diapers. I wish he would poop in the potty. He was doing really well peeing on the potty for a while and then he started school and it backfired. He won’t go anywhere near it. When I ask him if he has to go he screams and emphatic, “NO”!! Any suggestions? Does anyone have any experiences with poop and their kids? Please let me know I am not alone!!! 🙂