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Veggies in Disguise November 5, 2007

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I cannot take credit for this find, but I had to share. I give complete credit to Cool Mom Picks. Anyway, my son won’t touch a vegetable unless it is corn or zucchini cut like French fries and even that a complete hit or miss. Well, thanks to Peas of Mind, they made a really easy solution. They created all natural and organic casserole puffs. You simply pop them in the microwave. Among the flavors are Banana, Carrot Polenta and Black Bean. My favorite is Eat your Greens.

Perfect for the kids that won’t eat their veggies, this puff contains broccoli and spinach, two veggies I couldn’t get my son to touch if they were dipped in chocolate. But this looks like a muffin and hopefully tastes like one too because I just ordered them. I am desperate. I cook all the meals my family eats but I’m no June Cleaver or Jessica Seinfeld. I just want my kids to eat healthy. Thanks to Cool Mom Picks and Peas of Mind.