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Shelf Life February 3, 2009

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Do you ever look in the mirror and your ass reveals a side of itself you’ve never seen before?

The side that seems to resist all the countless lunges, running and working out you’ve been doing.

I eat healthy, exercise daily and have always been a healthy weigh, my college weight (proudly even after 2 kids), fluctuating between 5 lbs and 2 sizes.

But why as women are we so hard on ourselves?

Why do we let what we see on the scale dictate how we feel on the inside? And do we ever truly see in the mirror what we look like on the outside?

In a world of emphasis on size 2, 24″ waist, C breasts, and losing the baby weight before you’ve left the hospital, our conception of  healthy has fallen into the hands of the media. The same media, that calls beautiful Jessica Simpson, Fat, follows around celebrity mothers minutes after giving birth and declaring they have hit their pre-baby weight just minutes after pushing out a 9 lber, and the same media that declares that beautiful, healthy athletic women, like Serena Williams are fat and manly.

No wonder so many woman have body dismorfia. No wonder a healthy size 8, 10  or even 12 woman thinks her legs have to be thinner, butt smaller and waist trimmer.

My sister, a long distance runner, suffered from anorexia for many years, still does, a disorder bought on by many issues. But during the onset, as a Sophmore in high school, was told by a reporter at a track meet. That she didn’t look like a long distance runner, she was bigger than the runner she beat. Bigger at probably around the 120 range and 5’5″. Even now at the same weight, even months after bearing a child, she still believe she isn’t small enough, trim enough and beautiful enough.  Who knows what she thinks of my frame, at 5’9″ and 25 lbs heavier than herself?

How do we teach our children that healthy is whats in? Eat well be active and love yourself. As a mother, I believe it is my role to teach my kids, my daughter especially that all body types are different and all body types are beautiful. In the world of childhood obesity on the rise, a mother on the popular hit show Weeds, replacing her 10 year old daughters choclate stach with laxatives, a relative of mine, expressing to her 7 year old daughter that if she keeps up her eating habits, she will find herself on Jenny Craig, we’ve got a lot to filter.

I believe, although we are not fully in control, a healthy image starts from your parents. Give you kids the tools to see who they truly are and hopefully they will see they are 10 times better than a doctored image on the cover of any magazine or a celebrity whose frame is fading in front of your eyes.

Eat an apple a day, turn off the TV, put down the remote and enjoy the sunshine.

Jump around, laugh about and love yourself.

You only get one body and if you don’t love it, who will.


Baby steps December 17, 2007

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Tonight my son had his holiday concert.

It was on stage at a high school.

I think for any preschooler, that is a big deal (I don’ t think I would stand on stage now and sing).

They sang about 6 songs and at the end Santa came and gave everyone a little gift.

It was completely adorable.

George did a great job, I was so proud of him.

Instead of standing there crying, like at his Halloween concert, he stood there with his fingers up his nose.

Baby steps.


(Here is a picture of George at the end waiting to see Santa.)


Shirts with Sass November 12, 2007

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It seems that since I have had a baby girl, I am constantly looking for new clothes. (Especially something that’s not pink with lace)

Don’t get me wrong,I love all the pink, bows and lace, but you can only take so much.

I stumbled across this great website called Ella Bee Baby. The creator calls her items “whimsical, unique and simply adorable”, and I’d have to agree. They carry a large selection of items for babies, toddlers, twins and big kids.

My favorites are “Bow to the Princess”,

Great for any little girl because we all have a little princess in us!

And “Eat my dust”

for your hard core son!

They even have shirts ready to “tickle your bells” for the ever so rapidly approaching holiday season.

Even though they may not be able to read them yet, you’ll definetly give some parents a good laugh and your little one will be the center of attention at the playground.(As if they needed more!)


Lead-Free Toys November 9, 2007

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So, with the current toy crisis (i wouldn’t have called it a crisis until I had children), I am looking for safe gifts for my children.

Maybe we should consider going back to the old-school toys.

I never remember, nor do my parents recall, having so many toy recalls when I was a kid.

How about buying toys, made in the US, or just from a manufacturer that seems to care.

Check out this website, Heirloom Wooden Toys.

Good ‘Ol Wooden Toys.

They make everything from the classic wooden blocks

perfect for helping your little one with his ABC’s,

to train sets and cars and trucks.

If you are looking for toys only made in the US (over half of their toys are made in the US), they have a section just for you.

But most importantly, they work hard to make sure their toys are safe and well-made for children.


10 Reasons why being a Mom is like being a Celebrity November 8, 2007

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I recently went to my doctors office. He has a family business he runs out of a home. Very personable. Very friendly. If I have to make an appointment and I have no one to watch my kids, the girls at the front desk will watch them for me. Well, today my both my (tired and hungry) kids, screamed for me and once they saw me in the office, they were fine. My doctor joked with his student that I was a celebrity and that got me to thinking,

10 reasons why being a mom is like being a celebrity

10. Those you meet (i.e. teachers and doctors) often need your signature on important documents.

9. People want you in pictures but often cover your face and exclaim, “No, not me!”

8. Your company brings joy and tears to those around you.

7. When you leave the room, the occupants cry for you to come back.

6. Those you speak with to hang onto (and remember) your every word.

5. When you enter the room, the occupants shout your name at the top of their lungs.

4. Upon shouting your name, failure to acknowledge them brings severe disappointment.

3. The minute you wake up you are expected to entertain everyone all the time and be at the top of your game.

2. You have to be on alert at all times, you never know when a crazed fan (psycho toddler) might attack, grabbing onto your leg, begging for your attention.

1. You too wish you could change your name and disguise your appearance so you could do what you want, when you want without all that “attention”.


I can’t believe I said that November 7, 2007

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Really! I can’t believe I said that, in a complete moment of pure frustration.

George was having his I don’t want to eat dinner day.

So, instead of just giving me the plate or telling me he was all done, a move that would be completely too rational for a 2 year old, he lifted his plate with great pride and dumped it on his crawling sister, and onto the carpet.

The contents of the plate, making an everlasting impression, marking the spot (it contained corn, no biggie, and, get this pasta with pasta sauce).

I quickly moved Sophia out of the way, already busy with a handful of corn, making it’s way to her mouth, and attempted clean up. Here comes the mistake, muttering under my breathe, “I could just kill you”. Of course, I wouldn’t really do that, and I didn’t even think he heard me, big mistake nothing gets by a 2 year old.

So that was a couple days ago.

Flash to yesterday morning, on our way out the door to preschool and Sophia picks up one of Georges little cars (the ones with the little wheels, choking hazard), and makes a b-line for her mouth.

I sputter, “No, Sophia.”

She laughs.

George warns, “mommy kill you.”

Ugh! He said what? Then I have to explain, I would never do that, I should never say that.

Mommy is bad.

Imagine if he said that in public, or at school. UGH

The things we say.

The things, they won’t say.

The things they repeat!


Great Fall Day November 5, 2007

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Yesterday was a great day.

George cut the grass with daddy.


And Sophia had her first wagon ride.


I think she was more interested in watching her big brother mow the lawn.

One of my favorite parts about having kids is seeing everything through their eyes. It is like experiencing everything of the first time. I love how their views are so fresh and so simple, how they laugh with their hearts and embrace unconditionally the love you give them.