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Adding fuel to the fire September 5, 2008

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My 18 month old knows no boundaries.

Today, my son was playing with one of his trains.

Sophia walked up to him, grabbed the train and ran.

As he went to tackle her, I stopped them and gave George his train back and told Sophia, “No!”

As George walked away with his train, Sophia went and grabbed his shirt from behind and tackled him to the ground.

I kid you not.

Sophia is half the size of George.

I really have to get her to understand their are consquences for her actions and she can not have the run of the house, because right now, she has the complete run of the house.

She is in and out of the fridge at least 2 dozen times a day, just opening it and taking stuff out like a toy, she climbs on tables, rips books, throws toys,plays in the toilet and many, many other things, I don’t want to mention, on hesitation that you may think I have absolutely no control over my children (with Sophia, I may have no control).

My friend was watching an episode of Supernanny a couple years ago and saw an episode about giving kids Sophia’s age a time-out. The technique was to take the child and sit the child in your lap, restraining them so you can’t move, facing the corner. You keep the child in there for 1-2 mintues and but don’t give them eye contact or talk to them. My friend did this with her daughter and it worked out well.

I’m going to start this tomorrow, I’m desperate. Saying no to my daughter only fuels her fire and it’s getting out of control. I really need to control this situation before she is 3 and gets even worse.

So, wish me luck.

My dad thinks that on the first day, I’ll be in the corner with Sophia an easy 30 times.

I wish he were wrong.

I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, have any adivce, don’t hestitate to let me know.