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School Days August 7, 2008

With the preschool season quickly approaching and paperwork for sign-up hitting it’s quick August 15th deadline, I have a couple things to consider: do I send him 2 short days ( two and a half hours) like last year or do I increase to 2 longer days (he would stay and eat lunch) or 3 short days?

The dilemma.

And honestly, most of the issue is probably on my part , not my son’s. He would probably love staying a little longer and eating lunch with all of the other kids. But all I do when he is gone is keep a close watch on the clock and a close watch on my anxiety. The anxiety of the unknown. You’d think it would helpn that the place I send him to is great and the teachers are caring, helpful and I completely adore and trust them with my son, and that he has been going there for a year and loves it….but still.

My dad tells me to get over it, my mom tells me George probably loves being around the other kids (and I know he does) and my husband says it’s good for him (which I know it is).

But does it really get any easier?

Aren’t those just the normal anxieties when you send your kids to school or am I completely neurotic?

Deep down, I wish I could keep my kids in a protective little bubble. A bubble that wards off fear, insecurities, bullies, and evertyhing else that is harmful, destructive and may cause tears.

But in reality, I know all that stuff builds strength and character for him….and me.

Besides, that parenting manual the gave me when they sent me home from the hospital with my babies addressed and prepared me for all these issues.

No…. really. Maybe not.

So today I dropped him off at camp (the same place he goes to school, and same teachers) with his lunch and new Thomas the train backpack in tow, so he could “try it out” a longer day, before we committed to going longer days (not that you can’t change your mind, but still).

So here we are just after 10:00 and I still have about 2 hours to go until I pick him up.

I am sure I could get some things done, but that would be way too productive, right?

On a lighter note, one morning this past weekend after I got up to workout my husband remained in bed and my son climbed into bed to join him. Upon getting up my husband,forgetting he wasn’t wearing any underwear, got out of bed, stood up and was met with my son’s stares.

“Oh, that’s the longer one, right?”, he asked.

I am unsure exactly, what happened next but I am sure my husband, in all of his embarrassment and humiliation, proudly proclaimed, “Yes”.


A big day October 31, 2007

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My son had his first Halloween parade at school yesterday. It was very cute. Kids from preschool to Kindergarten sang Halloween songs. Of course the kids his age or those that were experiencing their first Halloween parade stood their in shock of all the people watching them, cried, or tried to seek out their parents to run to and hide. My usually very outgoing son, who talks a lot and loves attention, looked terrified and stood there in shock with is hands in his mouth. My son is very tall, 2 1/2 years old and about 42″ tall now, so people really perceive him to be at least 3 1/2 almost 4 and they expect him to do more things. He was standing with a group of the older kids and they were singing and my son was standing with his hands in his mouth. I have never seen him do that until yesterday. But I was very proud of him. He didn’t cry, which at times looked like he might. It must be hard growing up, especially at that age. Being thrust into a new environment, learning a world of new things. I am proud of him for going to school and enjoying it. Everyday I pick him up he has a big smile on is face, dirty, but with a big smile. What more can a mother ask for!