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The Bus Ride to Heaven November 2, 2008

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Some subjects are probably better left untouched, especially when your dealing with a 3 year old, but of course ,a venture into the unknown is always the thing we mothers strive for, right? Maybe not. But I say I won’t go there and then for some reason I find myself deep in the trenches, unable to get myself out.

Here is one of the those examples.

My husband’s best friend, Adam’s father passed away this past week. And my husband, after work, was making frequent trips to Adam’s house and to the reception and the funeral to support his friend in his time of need. Well, no trip, goes unnoticed with a 3 year old and at first I left it alone, just replying, “Daddy is going to visit Adam.” but of course I got question after question, “Why”, but “Why mommy?”

So, I took a deep breathe and a big step and replied, “Adam’s daddy is sick.” I thought he would leave it alone.

“So , can we go visit him in the hospital?” George questioned.

“No”, I said. “Sometimes when you get sick, and you don’t get better and you go to Heaven.”

“Oh, okay.” George stated. “Can we watch Thomas the train?”

A sign of relief, or so I thought as I wiped the sweat of my brow and went to turn on the DVD. Good, I thought, he is onto the next subject.

Why I thought it would be so easy I have no idea.

After nap time, my son awoke on a mission. The first words upon waking up, were a venture further into the subject then I ever imagined he would go.

“Mom, we need to get the bus schedule”, George demanded.

“Who is taking the bus?” I asked.

“Adam’s daddy. He is taking the bus to heaven. Does he take the yellow bus or the white city bus?”

“We need to get the schedule so we can go say bye”

“Oh “, not knowing what to say next ” Well, Adam’s daddy already took the bus to Heaven, and it was the white city bus.”

“Oh, okay.” George replied.

I don’t know the best way to handle the venture into heaven with my 3 year old. I don’t think I should explain to him death. He never knew Adam’s dad. He thinks heaven is a destination, I think he understands it is unreturnalbe, but he thinks it is a destination.

I know now, never to under estimate the mind power of a 3 year old.

He was gentle in his questioing and thoughtful in his answers and for all we know, maybe he found the answers.

The ones we never look for.