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i’m up and running June 14, 2008

Hey Ya’ll! (That must be my Texas spirit coming out)

Yeah! I can’t believe my laptop is finally up and running. My laptop is my confidant, my companion and my way to reach out to all you in that craziness we call “motherhood”!!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. We moved, a whole 2 blocks over, but you’d be surprised how much moving you have to do for a whole 2 blocks! All the packing and unpacking. I seriously feel like I should have loaded up my kids Radio Flyer and walked my stuff down the street! Well, I know that would not have gotten me far, but still, you get my drift!

Anyway, we are moved and settled (for the most part) and I hope you will join me for more posts and more craziness.

The fun starts Monday, hope to see you then!

And oh yeah…Happy Father’s Day!


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