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Sleep-Sharing November 27, 2007

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Last night my daughter Sophia had trouble sleeping, so we put her in our bed, just for a bit, to calm her down. After she fell asleep we put her back in her crib, which is in our room. Our son George also slept in our room until just before he turned one. First, an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

(I recommend this for any mom, you don’t have to get up , your baby is literally in arm’s reach) and then when he got to big for that, we transitioned to a crib, and off and on(less on) in our bed.

Does that make me a co-sleeper or as Dr. Sears would put it, “sleep-sharing”?

I guess I would be a part-time sleep sharer. We never used it as a, “let’s all go to sleep in the same bed” type thing, more of a “parenting tool”, if that is the right word or makes any sense.

My son had trouble sleeping the first couple months of his life (now he sleeps like a rock). So, rather than let him cry and become completely unsettled, I put him in our bed. I know he knew we were there for them, he nestled in his little spot and usually if he was between the both of us, one hand touched either parent(Sophia does the same), comforting himself and to be completely honest, us at the same time. Once he fell asleep, I would happily put him back in his own bed.

Since age 1, he happily sleeps in his own bed in his own room. Occassionally, when he has trouble sleeping, he comes to our bed for less than an hour and once he is calmed down, he immediately wants to go back to his own bed.

Sure, there are times I wouldn’t mind having them in our bed, and wrap my arms around them, because soon enough, as they grow, that is the last place they want to be.

On the other hand, after a hard day, that is the one thing I look forward to, that I can have to myself, time with my husband. To find the comforting place, that lefts me forget, relax and revive, my nook.