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Trains, Trucks and Bridges….Oh MY! August 11, 2008

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One thing I love about having kids is watching their enjoyment and complete excitement over “simple” things.

My son, the train enthusiast, and I took a train ride to my parents house this weekend. Sitting on the train, watching his face as he looked out the window was one of the most amazing moments, I hope to have captured for a lifetime.

He noticed everything, every station stop (there were at least a dozen), every car and bridge. He noticed every time a passenger got on and got off.

Every train we passed became one of Thomas’ friends (Thomas the train). We, of course, were riding Edward, but on the way we passed Thomas, Toby, Emily and Gordon. We even stopped at Wellsworth and Tidmouth station (for all of you non-Thomas the train enthusiasts, those are stations on the Island of Sodor, in Thomas’ world, as my son would call it).

He noticed when the tracks were bumpy and the train was “steady” and counted all the little the drops on the window from the rain outside.

His face was lit with pure glee and happiness as we waited at the station for the train to arrive and the entire 45 minute ride to my parents.

That train ride taught me the importance of appreciating the every day things we take for granted but also finding the excitement in the “mundane”. Seeing your kids smile isn’t about buying the most expensive toy at the store or taking them to some exotic island or place. Sometimes, it’s spending time with your kids and showing them you are interested in what they are excited about.

Honestly, before I had my son could really care less about trains, firetrucks or any other construction, transportation or emergency vehicle that I passed on the road. But now, I know all their names, roles and signals they make. And most importantly I know that my son lives, breathes and dreams trains, he can hear a train signal from miles away and remembers every train track we have ever passed on a long and short drive. He can probably run down any dog chasing a fire truck and passing a construction site or seeing a police car speeding down the street is, to him, just as wonderful as seeing all those presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Train Ticket to my parents house: $4.75

Watching my son light up as we boarded the train: priceless


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