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Say what? May 5, 2008

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Kids really do say the funniest things:

My 3 year old son who was way past his nap time and too late to take one, got into one of “those” moods and on the walk to the car. At that moment, he decided he did not like shorts.

“My legs are out!” ,he whined.

“What?” I asked, a bit confused, to say the least.

“My legs are out”, he repeated.

“Those are shorts, your legs are supposed to be out”, I explained.

“We need to take them back to the store. They are too short, I need long ones,” (they come past his knees.)

He declared, “I don’t like shorts today!”

My sister-in-law has a similar situation. She bought a pineapple home from the store and as she proceeded to cut it open her 3 year old son asked where was Spongebob?

You have to laugh


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