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Finally… April 29, 2008

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I was just about to go up and “rescue” my son from his nap.

For 5 minutes he has been yelling, “Mommy, I’m awake, I’m awake!”

He never went to sleep.

So I decided just to give it 5 more minutes, a little blog time and then I would go and get him.

Looks like 5 more minutes did the trick. All I hear coming from the monitor is silence.

My son is out cold (I shouldn’t say that too loud, we all know toddler’s naps are as fragile. And simply thinking they are finally sleep is enough to waken the quietest toddler.)

I think he may be getting ready to give up naps. He needs them most on school days. The anticipation of the day that lies ahead keeps him awake until at least 10:30 and then I have to wake him up by 7:30 to get to preschool on time.

We don’t leave the house until 8:45 but my son is like my husband,they need “their” time in the morning. I wake up ready to go. It only takes about 5 minuets to turn on the switch and I can be out the door in full gear without much notice. But they like to have their routine. My son wakes up, gets his PBS dose, with breakfast and a little bit of Thomas the Train. Then he’s ready to go.

Anyway, where was I….

Yes, naps. He didn’t take one yesterday and faired pretty well. But he does need them on school days or else his nasty personality appears. And just when you think, “I should put him back down to try for a nap again” and you look at the clock and realize it’s almost dinner time and way to late for a nap. If he naps now, everyone is up for the night.

Besides, I’m hanging onto every last nap.

Nap time is my time.

My time to clean, waste, blog, or whatever, but it is my time.

In two weeks, I’ll have to use my time to pack.

We finally bought a house, just 2 streets over but we finally bought a house and moving, no matter how close involved packing. Though I would love to “Dorthify” my house, put on a nice glittery red heels, click and we’re done.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

But in reality, there is way more involved then I ever imagined.

All the planning, moving, buying, blah,blah,blah.

We buy a new house and my nesting instinct kicks in. I get to redecorate and make sure everything is the way we want it. I get to redo the kids rooms and whatever else. I know it doesn’t have to be perfect upon moving in (though secretly I want it to be) because it probably won’t be, but still I nest.

I make lists and I prepare.

My husband on the other hand is a more relaxed kinda, let’s get into the house and see type personality.

Let’s feel it out.

I seriously think if I didn’t start soon, he’d start packing the day before closing. That is when he gets kicked into full gear. When he has to.

Believe it or not, he works good last minute. He is not as last minute as he says he is, he works stuff out in his mind, but unlike me I verbalize everything, go figure.

He just kinda thinks about it and you think he is totally not there and then at the last minute, he’s full throttle.

So that is where I was, dealing with moving and inspections and closing stuff and then the kids got sick. Nothing major, just upper respiratory stuff. But my little on gets sick and she is needy and she follows me around grabbing onto my pant leg for dear life.

It’s cute, because just when you get annoyed, you look down at her little face and see her little puppy dog eyes and she stretches her arms out for me to pick her up and whines, “mama”, and you really just can’t resist. But I can do without being slimmed every two minutes. (you know they have the runny nose and the want to put their head into your lap or you arms and you get slimmed).

So that is what I have been up to.

I don’t know if I have more time or just found a better way to manage it with all the craziness going on, but I’m back…..finally


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