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Smeared April 16, 2008

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Poop seems to be a common theme in my household.

Not that you always want to hear about it, but this is a story worth telling.

This event happened to my husband two days ago while I was on a recent trip to the grocery store, lucky for me it happened to him. After all, he is a nurse, he’s used to all the bodily stuff, right? Ha!


While my husband and my kids were in the playroom, my son told my husband, “Sophia needs her diaper changed.”

He repeated, “Daddy, Sophia needs her diaper changed!”

This statement was in between repeated chants of, “I wanna watch Thomas the Train!”

My husband was already in the midst of turning on a Thomas the Train movie for George so I guess he figured first things first.

Movie and then diaper.

Besides, he didn’t smell anything, how does a 3 year know when he sister needs a diaper change.


After he was finished turning on the movie for George in the TV room, he headed back to the playroom (which is just off the tv room) and he was met with an eager little one year old.

Her hand was extended in a fist, as if to show something to him and then quickly her hand went to her mouth. Before she could get it to her mouth, my husband quickly stopped her hand.

“What do you have there?”

As he held her had and gently extended her fingers he noticed she was grabbing a big ball of poop, and was about to put it in her mouth. My daughter loves to remove her diaper when she is not wearing bottoms and he didn’t notice her diaper was off because she was wearing a dress.

After careful examination he safely stated, “I don’t think she got any in her mouth becuase there was no poop in her teeth!”


I just about gagged.


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