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Dazed and Confused April 9, 2008

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I’ll be lucky if I make it through the day.

That is a bit of an exaggeration,  but that is how I feel.

Last night was one long sleep interruption and so of course today I am in a daze.

I feel like today is just a long continuation from yesterday. If I were to put my head down, I am certain, I could fall asleep. But we can’t do that, we keep trudging, even through days like this.  These are the moments I remember the days before I has kids. If you were sick or didn’t sleep the night before, you could call out of work, and spend the day under the covers catching up or feeling better.

In this job, there is no calling out of work.

This long day started yesterday when I woke up with my 3 year olds cold. Beware, the moment your child feels better, the cold isn’t gone from the household, it has just moved onto it’s next victim. The cold hit me like invasions of the body snatchers. I felt great one day, woke up the next contaminated, coughing, sinus pressure, runny nose and tired.

Last night I am sure if I had gotten some sleep I would have felt better but I think the cold has claimed it’s next victim, my daughter. Although, I am a bit concerned she has an ear infection. She had a slight fever last night, didn’t want to lay down and was grabbing at her ear. I’ll give it another day before I make the call to the doctor, but if this is another ear infection it would make her 3rd in less than 3 months.

I took her for a check-up about 2 weeks ago to make sure the previous ear infections were gone and the doctor said her ears weren’t red but still had some fluid. I’m no doctor, but to me that means the ear infection isn’t completely gone. Anyway, I think my fears may have been true. According to my mom, I also suffered from ear infections as an infant. But sometimes that changes, first it was me, then my sister, and now me again. But one of us suffered from ear infections.

Lucky today is my husband’s short day at the hospital, I just have 5 more hours until he comes home.

I know I’ll make it.

A bit dazed and confused, but I’ll make it, just the way any other mother would.

I’ll be day dreaming of my soft, inviting bed with blankets for days and pillows that make you want to lay your head down and dream.

I’ll be day dreaming of the minute I can give my eyes a rest and escape into a dream and a nap that invigorates and revives.

I’ll be hoping for a nap time so successful words can’t explain.

Knock on wood.


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