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What the F April 8, 2008

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I’m not a bad person or a bad mother. I promise.

But I try not to swear and sometimes I just can’t help it.

Ok, I’m sure I can help it.

I have cut my swearing down by 80% but sometimes, I just get so mad, I just let it slip.

I chalk it up to my private school education. I never swore until then. After practice we would get so mad at our swim coach (a rugged tough coach who was also an Olympic coach who was border -line crazy and delusional) we would sit in the locker room and curse him out. It felt good.

Well, my mouth, my 80% better mouth, has gotten me in trouble with my 3 year old son, who soaks everything up like a sponge, a completely 100% absorbent sponge.

On occasion, 2 occasions, I dropped the “F” bomb, repeated it and then realized my son was standing in the same room, soaking it up, remembering it and preparing to use it on the perfect occasion. He hasn’t used it in public, not that I know of (knock on wood), but he uses it perfectly.

He has also dropped the “F” bomb on 2 occasions.

Walking up the stairs to his bedroom, me following close behind, he dropped his train, Edward, one of Thomas the Train’s friend and shouted. ” F—— Edward!”

I gasped and kicked myself.

The next time, he was playing with his sister and she took his train and ran. Without hesitation he demanded, “Give me my F—— train.”

I shrieked, my heart stopped and I stumbled for the words to let him know that work was a bad word.

(In my head, I thought, “Don’t ever use that F——- word again!)

But I said, and I meant, “That word is a very, very bad word. If you heard Mommy say it, mommy is very bad. And if you use that word again, I’ll take away all your trains and cars forever. Santa doesn’t come to houses because of that word and the Easter Bunny and Grandma don’t bring you presents!”

So there!

But what are you supposed to do when you ever so precious and innocent son, drops the unmentionable?

I’ve read you should ignore it and they’ll stop.

Yeah right!
But when I acknowledge it, he laughs!

And the laugh cuts sharp daggers right into my heart!

I should probably not give him the reaction he is expecting. I highly doubt he fully understands the word he is using but he understands that word ignites mommy’s funny face. I should probably stay calm, say “opps” and move on or correct myself.

Easier said then done.

I know it may be cute on You Tube but it’s definitely not cute when that swearing child is standing in front of you and happens to be your own.


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