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If Sophia Likes it….. April 6, 2008

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My one year old is a bottomless pit.

She eats her breakfast and finishes off her brothers leftovers, if I don’t get there fast enough to take it away. I swear she begs worse than my mother-in-law’s dog.

While I am cooking, she walks in to the kitchen with a direct radar for any recognize able food that may be on the counter top. She points and gives me that sign for “give me” (like a wave, but turns her had palm up). If she doesn’t get what she wants, and most the time she doesn’t, she has an immediate breakdown, drops to the floor, hangs onto my leg and persists with her “give me” sign.

It is somewhat annoying, but slightly hilarious. I find myself wondering if I am feeding her enough, at the same time chuckling. She verbal and persistent, my husband would say she is definitely her mother’s daughter.

My mom, claims I was the same way at her age,verbal,persistent,happy,and full to the brim with confidence.

As a baby, I also liked to eat, not only my food but everyone’s left overs.

My cousins would claim I was like Mikey!

If I liked it, they would decide it was worth a try.

I chalk up her curiousness on part what I call, “the evolution of the second child”, although I wasn’t the second child. At her age my son had 8 teeth. As what I like to call, a “survival” instinct, Sophia has 16 teeth including all her molars.

She wants to try everything her brother eats. Some of the stuff I would have never considered giving my son at her age, because he didn’t have enough teeth to chew it, she has no problem.

There is nothing she can’t, or for that matter, won’t eat.

Not only does she want to try everything he eats, she wants to try everything he plays with, climbs on and jumps from.

She is completely into cars, truck train, dirt, and couches or anything that is at least 18″ off the ground.

She is completely non-stop, from the minute she wakes up.

She keeps me, my husband and her big brother on his toes!

It makes for interesting days!

Anyway, I don’t know quite how this ties in to, if anything, but I was just out searching for a birthday gift for my sister-in-law. I don’t really know her well enough so I  went with a beach themed gift. Her family goes to the beach for at least a week every summer, so I didn’t think I could go wrong.

But then again you never know.

I did venture into Crate and Barrel. I saw some great things I wanted to get (emphasis on “I”), but she is not much of a cooker, at least I don’t think so, but this would have been a great gift for my other sister-in-law who shares my love of baking.

Anyway, I have to share…so, if you have a friend or family member who likes to bake, as do I, I think this would be a great gift, especially if they have kids.

A year of Cookie Cutters

Make a cookies with your kids for every season or holiday (I sure do)? It’s in there.

A great gift at just $24.95.

Cupcakes are a hit with kids, and adults, and perfect or every occasion.

And I am sure with this book you could find one for every occasion.

Don’t forget about the accessories!

(cupcake stencils)

(a cupcake carrier, I need one of those)

(and super cute pink polka dot cupcake liners)


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