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The Abc’s are not as easy as 123! April 3, 2008

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Don’t you wish it was as easy as that song!

When I am teaching, or shall I say attempting to teach new things to my toddler I honestly think he senses two things, my strong desire to have him learn the new things and my nervousness. I wonder if I am explaining it right and is he able to understand. I remember it was forever before he said his name in front of me. I would ask him what his name was and repeat it and I just gave up that he even knew his name, and then we went to my parents house and my mom and dad would ask him what his name was and without hesitation or question, he would spurt out his name, first, middle and last, like he had been saying it all along.

My almost 14 month old does the same thing, she says a couple words, hi, mommy and daddy, thank you, cat and yesterday at my mom’s house…..grandma.


My mom claims she also said cracker and cup.

My latest venture is teaching my son to recognize his letters. He can sing his ABC’s but he can’t recognize all the letters. And I don’t expect him to but just to start to learn. Sometimes he gets most of the letters I ask (and not in alphabetical order) and sometimes he doesn’t even look at the letters and spurts out numbers. I’m honestly not sure what is the best way to go about it. I tried flash cards but that was a joke and then I left them on the table and both my one year old and 3 year old started chewing on them.

That was a big hit!

I guess it’s like potty training, at least for my son, the harder you push, the harder (and smarter) they refuse your attempts.

I have taken a break from the potty. A couple months ago, if you recall, my son popped and pee-peed on the potty, without being asked and then I tried to make it more consistent (and I thought fun) but somewhere between the stickers and the fruit snacks he decided, he didn’t want any more stickers or fruit snacks and decided using the potty wasn’t worth taking a break from playing with his trains and cars.

So I decided to take a month and not even ask about the potty but keep it in plain site. I have about 2 more weeks to go. And he has gone in the potty, not at home, but in every public restroom we have been in, in the past 2 weeks. One potty was so gross (in a very clean place, it was bizarre) i lied to him and told him it was broken. He just about had a break down.

At home when I change his diaper you can see him mental anguish over the choice he is going to have to make.

He exclaims, “I’m mad!I don’t want my diaper changed.”

“Well, sweetie,” I try to explain, “the only way you won’t have your diaper changed is when use the potty.”

“I don’t want to use the potty!”

To which I feel like saying, “well, I don’t want to change your diaper anymore, I’m sick of wiping butts, mommy needs a break!”


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