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House Hunting And Story Time April 2, 2008

If there is anything more stressful than 2 kids on a full out temper tantrum rage through your house, it is house hunting.

It started out fun and turned stressful.

There is so much to consider other than the size of the house.

Schools and Neighborhoods.

And once you narrow down neighborhoods, you really narrow your choice of available houses. And then of course price, you push the limit to make sure it is a house you won’t grow out of in all of 5 minutes, and sometimes negotiations don’t work out. Maybe in the scheme of things, it’s all a sign.

Maybe this house just wasn’t meant to be, life has a funny way of working itself out and maybe the good house fairy is looking down and watching us.

But maybe not, does the house fairy even exist, probably not.

This is the house we want, in the area we want, in the school district we want.

How hard is it worth pushing?

As you can tell, We are first time home-buyers.

Anyway, other than house hunting, I found a nice inexpensive play date to go on with others or just with your own kids.

Today we went to our local Barnes and Noble 11:00 story time.

It was great. The first time we went George was just 2 and not interested in sitting. We walked into the kids section of the store and he made a b-line for the train table (warning, almost every store has one) and it was over.

Separation was attempted but not successful.

This time, we were at another Barnes and Noble and I steered him in the complete other direction,away from the train table (which was somewhat hidden, so thankfully he didn’t even see it) and straight to the story area.

For the most part, he did a great job listening and taking part in story time.

At the end of story time, she handed out coloring pages and crayons to all the kids including George dropped to the floor and colored. He even spoke with the woman in charge of story time and engaged in questions and comments about the book with her.

He was very good, today I got lucky.

The entire story time lasted about 45 minutes.

And then we went out for a slice of pizza.

A slice of pizza and a salad: $8

Watching your 3 year old’s face lite up at Barnes and Noble story time (and his motor mouth in full gear): Priceless.

(Okay, that was cheesy, but you get my drift.)


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