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My kids are from Mars March 27, 2008

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As I write to you my sanity is spiraling down a black hole.

My 3 year old is yelling at the top of his lungs for juice,demanding it actually.

And my one year old is pulling all the pots and pans out of the cabinet that was supposed to have a lock on it. Oh look, she turned to the cabinet with the puzzles.
If I wasn’t rational and a little bit sane, I’d swear that a UFO landed and dropped off little devil clones of my kids from Mars.

My day started out in a backwards universe.

Everyone was tired and crabby. (I can’t imagine what a bad day must be like for Jon and Kate plus 8 considering I am having trouble with just two today).

Within a hour of waking up, George had 2 breakdowns and had to be put in time out two times. Sophia cried and followed me around with a tight grasp onto my pant leg. And as I was getting her dressed I took her off the toilet seat, which she likes to climb on and pull to a stand, at least a dozen times.

To make things worse, I was having a bad hair day and my clothes which I had just taken out of the dryer already had yogurt stains from my daughters tight grasp.

To my luck, the day didn’t get better or worse, it really just stayed the same. I was hoping a visit from the nap fairy would change them back into the loving kids I once recognized but it seems to have added fuel to the fire. They are now kids with attitude and energy.

At least I lost 22 lbs (my daughter death grip) and my son seems to be preoccupied by a Thomas and the Friends movie I put in the DVD player.

As I make dinner I keep looking at the clock counting down the minutes (it would be seconds but it is digital), until my husband comes homes.

T minus 2 hours and 30 minutes, until my husband comes home or I have a complete breakdown, which ever comes first.

At least my day can’t get worse (knock one wood).

Thanks for listening.


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