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10 Clues your kids have taken over your life March 16, 2008

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This must be a rainy day post!

10 Clues you know your kids have taken over your life

10. Not only do I know all the names to Thomas the Train’s friends, I know which ones are Steamies and Diesels, and I know their numbers by heart.

9. When I need to go to the bathroom, I not only announce “mommy is going to the potty”, but both my kids feel the need to join in, my son plays at the sink, while my daughter attempts to climb on my lap.

8. I can read the Duck in the Truck with my eyes closed!

7. My son puts funny emphasis on the word better and pronounces the letters t as if it were a d. My husband talks to my son and asks him if “that’s all bedder”.

6. Last night I has a dream I was on the Island of Sodor, being chased by a mean train named Diesel.

5. I am a shower singer and this morning my husband caught me singing the words to a Thomas the Train song. Not only did he join in, he corrected me when I sang the wrong lyrics!

4. I can sing the theme song to Drake and Josh.

3. As you rush out of the house you’ve got everything in hand, diapers..check! snacks…check! kids…check! keys…check! And as you look down realize you have your daughter’s play keys in hand! Nice!

2. It was a nice day outside, I had the windows rolled down, my music turned up and I was singing and dancing to the beat. Then I caught myself, the CD playing was The Backyardigans and people were starting to stare. Lucky the windows in my van are tinted, at the light, I saw passengers in the next car starring so I turned around and “pretended” to talk to my kids.

1. As I sit at the computer to write this post, I find my self silently chanting, ka-chiga, ka-gchiga, ka-chiga, and bouncing to the beat! (for all of you non-parents ka-chiga is Lightening McQueens’ friend Chick Hicks favorite word)

Bonus #1a. You love every second of all of the above.


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