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Two times the love and the craziness March 13, 2008

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The second child should come with a warning. Maybe something like this:

Like any baby, this one is may appear fragile on the outside but is tough as nails on the inside. Caution when mixing younger baby with older sibling. Limit exposure to older sibling, extended exposure can cause and over stimulation of physical and mental development causing the child to act like a kamikaze jumper from the couch, the chair, climbing like a little monkey or appear like a baby with a constant rush of adrenaline. Examples of eating should also be monitored. Younger child may desire everything in site from pickles to her older brother’s peanut butter and jelly. Do not wish your child to walk sooner than expected because if this happens you may play referee way more than expected and lose you mind in the process. Your head will spin and days go by like minutes. You hats switch very quickly including titles of, but not limited to referee, short order cook, nurse, psychologist, speech therapist, interpreter,chauffeur, teacher and babysitter. But don’t worry about all the headaches and stress. Although it seems like they last forever, and you are in the trenches of war, you against them treasure every second, even the ones you want to forget, because with two you laugh ten times harder and love like you have never loved before.


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