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Ear infections and teething March 11, 2008

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Sorry about the lack of posts.

It has been a touch couple of days.

My one year old is suffering from her second round of ear infections.

She had an ear infection in one year when I took her for her one year check up about a month ago. After a round of anitbiotics, I suspected it had not fully gone away, but wasn’t sure and thought it might just be teething, that is until this past week when she spiked fevers of 104.

A visit with the doctor,  confirmed she now had an ear infection in both ears.

Combined with teething and a nasty diaper rash and diarreaha from the super strong antibiotic they prescribed, you can only imagine how much sleep she gets at night, none.

And how much crankiness and fussiness she was haing during the days, a ton.

She is finally starting to feel a little bit better, at least the fever is gone, finally, after 3 days of spiking 104 (knock on wood).

I think I have to wait for the antibiotics to run it’s course until some of the other symptoms clear up.

I know I have said this before, but it is hard when they are sick.

I do every thing I possibly can to make sure they are feeling better or at least on the path to feeling better, but sometimes it feels all you can do is never enough.

My daughter is such a tough, happy bubbly and energetic baby , it’s difficult to see her frowning and crying and so fragile.

I think the hardest part is not being able to communicate to them that “this to shall pass” .


One Response to “Ear infections and teething”

  1. Jennic Says:

    Oh dear. I hope she gets better very soon. I’m glad the fever is gone now. The antibiotic does have a lot of side effects, making it miserable for the kids. There’s one that’s better – diflucan I think, but doctors don’t usually prescribe that one.

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