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Dibartolo Update March 5, 2008

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Let me tell you how relieved and happy I am.

Al Dibartolo from Dibartolo bakery just called and apologized about my cake incident.

He was friendly, understanding and actually very funny.

But it felt good and sincere and at least for me, that’s really all I ever ask for because mistakes do happen.

I would have been happy with just the call,  but then he explained he put aside a store credit for me that has no expiration for 1/2 of what I paid for the cake.

That was more than I could have ever asked for.

He did say he wished I would have said something that morning, so did I, because he could have corrected the mistake.

He also joked, that unlike the guy on the TV , all the cakes don’t take 8 hours to make.

Dibartolo’s not only makes great cakes, but has great customer service.

Al, if you are reading this, which for some reason I think you are, Thanks!


One Response to “Dibartolo Update”

  1. LISA GIVENS Says:

    I have been purchasing cakes from DiBartolo’s for greater than 20 years. I have only had one scare. The cake for my sister in laws wedding was delivered 20 mins before reception hall opened which was 20 min before I agreed to be there. The truck pulled off in front of me. When I called the Bakery that Saturday morning, I was initially told I would be placed at the end of the delivery list. I calmly and kindly reminded them I have been dealing with their business 20+ years about 6 cakes a year purchased. The driver came back 20 mins later as originally scheduled apologized and the wedding was a success. The guest complimented how beautiful the cake looked and tasted. Thanks DiBartolo’s you really came through for me!!! See you in 10 days for the baby shower…..Smile

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