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Just one more……please!! March 4, 2008

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My very soon to be 3 year old son loves books.

He loves looking at books, reading books before bedtime, making up his own story about the book, taking them to bed with him and even at times, eating them (yes, I said eating) whatever it has to do with a book, he loves them.

I know exactly where he got it from.

I love books too. Seriously if it were between a good book and a great piece of chocolate, I’d pick the book. I love getting lost in the story, seeing where the author will take me and how the characters will develop.

If a book is good and I can’t put it down, I literally can’t put it down. When I buy books, I literally put off from reading them for a couple days after purchase because I can finish a good book in a day, and then it’s over and then hunt begins again, to find a new, great story.

So, I am glad my son loves reading, I know their likes and dislikes change, but I would love for this one to be constant. So now I am in search for those books that will keep him interested in reading and wanting more.

It’s hard to find good, different kids books.

Except for the classic favorites, I never know what books are good for my children. Not just a book that they will enjoy, but sometimes I’ like to pick a book with a good message and the ability to inspire. I usually just make a guess and try a quick read in the store.

Thanks to Just One More Book, you can take the guess work out of choosing you children’s books. Just One More Book is a thrice- weekly podcast that “promotes and celebrates literacy and great children’s books”. They review children’s books, interview authors and educators. They strive for “an interactive community linking children’s book authors, illustrators, readers (children, parents and educators) and publishers”.

You can listen to the reviews on their website or download them to your ipod for listening on the go. Yo can search the website by authors or subject.

Why not research what we are letting our kids read the same we we research the lead content in their toys?

So, when you child says, “Just one more please!”, you will grab that book with confidence.


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