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Smirks and Giggles February 25, 2008

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My one year old instigates her almost 3 year old brother like I’ve never seen.

Whatever George is doing, he does it bigger, faster and at times badder when he see her laughing at him. She laughs, then he laughs, the she laughs harder pushing his mind to beyond good fun and into mischief.

Whether it is chasing the cat, slamming the door shut or crashing his trains and cars, he finally has an audience. And his shows are reoccurring and unpredictable, happening at the drop of any little look, smirk or giggle my daughter sends his way.

Today it was laughing at the cat, who takes it in stride. They open the closet door and sit and she laughs at him, he laughs at her and they laugh at each other and some how “kitty-cat” (as we so affectionately call him) is caught in the middle. When the cat runs, they follow, George thinks the cat wants to play and Sophia thinks she can run just as fast pushing her wide legged stride to a quick stammer.

Our old, gentle and very friendly cat has taken to hiding in the closet most of the day to escape the toddler storm that often comes his way. He knows exactly when my son has “left the premises” at nap time or bedtime because he comes out of hiding and rolls around, stretches and reclaims his reign in the middle of the living room floor.

Some days I know I should break up their hysterical collaboration but some days I feel like I want to secretly join in. They can’t talk to each other (well, he talks to her, she babbles back), yet they are already developing that secret language between siblings. She doesn’t even have to say anything and he knows what she wants. He knows when she wants to play, how to make her stop crying and how to make her laugh hysterically.

Their secret language is clear and to the point. At his tender age of 3, he knows when to comfort her and play with her and unbelievably she knows the same. When he is crying (usually because he needs a time out) she pats him on the back. And when he is playing alone, she joins in and laughs at his comical acts. She screams, he screams and they both laugh.

Of course, there are the days when he wants nothing to do with her.

But for the most part, lately, they are a pair that can’t be stopped.

It is different seeing this connection as an outsider. As a mother, I want your kids to be close and to understand that bloodlines are tighter than anything. I have a sister, yet as a sister I didn’t get to see the relationship grow and develop. I didn’t get to see the secret language develop and the connection that was constantly being formed because I was in it. And when you are in it the experience is different.

I understand and appreciate it more.

A sister or brother is always a sister or brother.

I know their relationship won’t always be close and will take rocky turns but I hope they can care for each other and watch out for each other.

That is one of the reasons I wanted two kids, so they’d always have each other.

I know I’ll have to deal with the fights sooner or later, but for now, I’ll take the laughing and the instigating.

I’ll take the looks that send messages and the screams that get each other going.

I’ll take the smirks and the giggles.


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