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Tickles and Giggles February 23, 2008

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Many things in parenting are challenging.

Potty-training, knowing when to discipline and how, and just wondering if you are raising your children the right way on a, well, daily basis.

Some things in parenting come easy.

Among some of them, watching your children grow, learn, and develop into their own being.

My favorite part is watching my children play, laugh and just be kids.

Today was one of those days.

We had a great day on a play date with some kids and their parents from my son’s school at The Garden State Discovery Museum. It’s great seeing them run around, interact with each other, as much as 3 year olds do, and just plain have a good time. Even my one year old got in on the action.

The conversation between the parents was easy and unforced. And I think that lead to an overall great time.

After the Discovery Museum, some of us went out to lunch at The Pop Shop. They have a great family-friendly menu with likable solutions for your picky toddler, adult friendly selections for you and even a menu for your infant. The Pop Shop, literally, has something for everyone.

But the laughing didn’t stop there.

After nap, dinner and a bath, my son wanted to be tackled and tickled.

Rolling around the floor, laughing.

His laugh exudes innocence.

It’s that laugh that comes from deep inside, deep inside the reigns of childhood.

The laugh that builds memories and lets you know your kids are happy and healthy, and maybe, just maybe, you are doing something right.

That laugh is full of love and heart and reminds you what matters and what life is all about.


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