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Tread on this! February 17, 2008

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My mom is always telling me to buy good shoes for my kids, especially when they are first walkers, not that good means expensive but usually good shoes for infants aren’t cheap, especially when you consider they grow out of them every 3 months or so.

So, I am sure she wasn’t happy, though she didn’t comment, when I came to visit and my little girl had on a cute pair of little Nikes that were pink and white. They were cute!

My daughters first try in the new sneakers, even though they were okay for my son, proved my mom right. She had trouble moving her feet in those thick soled sneakers.

So I gave in.

I had never been a fan of Stride Rite, which I am sure have good quality shoes, but I remember Shortly after my son was walking we went to our local Stride Rite and the sales person shoved his feet in a shoe that was a size too small and too narrow, and convinced me they were the right size. I know I should have spoken up, but it seemed okay. I took him home and every time I out those shoes on he cried and couldn’t walk. So I gave them away and decided never to go there again.

So, you could imagine my excitement when I learned Robeez was coming out with a slightly thicker soled shoes, great for the outdoors, called Robeez Tredz.

All I can say about them is two words: Love ’em!

They are soft like the original Robeez but the soles are a slightly thicker and very flexible (very important) rubber soles, perfect for new walkers. I bought them at our local Olly shoes a couple days after they came out, immediately put them on my daughter and took her outside to run (at her age it’s more like,walk with a quick stagger) after her brother, and she managed greatly. Much easier than the previous shoes. (Moms and Dads, they are also easy to get on, and they stay on.)

I am sure my mom is thinking, “I told you so”.

Even though I refuse to listen at first, it seems, Mother knows best, or at least Robeez knows best.

I definitely recommend them (and so does my mom).


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