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Sugar highs and Playdates February 14, 2008

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Between playing referee, managing sugar highs, my now one-year-old’s vaccinations and ear infections and planning my soon to be 3 year olds birthday, I have barely had time to breathe let alone check in with all of you out in “blogland”.

It’s funny how tough it can be planning a party, even when the party place does everything for you. After the wonderful time we had a Pump it up (definitely recommended by me, my 3 year old and my husband, who regressed to the energy and fun of a 3 year old while he was there), we decided to have our party at Bounce U (I’ll let you know how it compares), only because it is closer to our house. We usually aren’t advocates of a big party for a 3 year old, just because like I said before how many friends does he really have, and these places you pay for at least 25 kids, so I think you should take advantage of it.

Anyway, so we decided to invite family friends, some of my husband friends at the hospital who have little kids and I forced my way into the lives of some of the mothers at George’s school so we could invite kids he plays with. When I say forced, it just felt that way. I have met some great mom’s at my son’s school. These were mother’s that we knew before we had kids. But it’s hard meeting some new parents when they don’t seem very interested in meeting others. They just pick up their kids and drop them off and well, that’s it. And maybe we all feel the same way, timid to meet people and overwhelmed with daily activities, we are lucky we dropped off and pick up with out major catastrophes.

I guess I just figured they’d want to meet other mothers and kids in their kid’s class. I mean after all they may be going to the same elementary school and I’d just enjoy to meet some mothers from my son’s school and some other mothers, period.

And trust me, this socializing thing isn’t easy for me either.

One reader recently commented (thanks for the comment) that it was easier finding a husband and a wedding gown then a play date (I laughed) and I’d have to agree.

Who would have guessed?

So I am going to take that big step in play “date” world, make the first move and try to form a preschool play date for the parents at my son’s school. I thought I would just put up a note to whomever is interested, pick a place, a date and have some mothers and kids get together. Put on my best play date outfit, make sure my kids are clean and snot-free (what else could a mother ask for?) and show up. I am probably setting myself up for failure, but what if I don’t give it a try, right?

Wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated!

In the meantime, I am sure your kids need to work of that sugar rush from Valentine’s leftovers this weekend (I know mine do) and if you check in with me tomorrow, I’ll give you some great events to attend that’ll help you get them out of the house and away from the cupcakes.

I almost forgot, and check out this great product, the “Wet Happened?” wet bag. Perfect to hold all those little mishaps, wet bibs, messy change of clothes, yada, yada ,yada. Makes me question, “why didn’t I come up with that idea?” Great gift for a baby shower, new mother and mother of a potty training toddler. Or say no more to the plastic baggies and plastic grocery bags and treat yourself to this fashionable way to hide those mess-ups.

Oh yeah, comes in tons of great designs and even better, a great price!


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