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GET OUT AND VOTE February 4, 2008

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Tomorrow morning, after I drop off George at preschool, Sophia will have her first voting experience.

She will accompany me to the polling place and as I wheel her into the booth with me, she will watch as I select the person I think will best represent my beliefs, best support my future and the future of those following me.

No matter whom you vote for, tomorrow will be an amazing day in the history of our country.
I didn’t know when I would see a woman or an African-American on the ballot and I am amazed to have both. Even if you don’t vote for either one, it is a great day to have such a great choice!

Whatever you do tomorrow, VOTE.

If you can’t vote tomorrow (because it’s not your turn), then vote in April, but let your voice be heard.

Whomever you decide to vote for, let the candidates know that you care what happens to the economy, education, the Iraqi war, taxes, whatever issue is important to you and let them know that you want your voice heard.

Need inspiration?click here.


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