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And she’s up…. January 30, 2008

…..and she’s walking!


My daugther, Sophia, who turns one next week is now a walker and a pretty good one I might add (it’s just the proud mommy in me).She started taking a couple steps at a time just about 2 weeks ago and now she walks across the room, or from one room to the other. She’s not running yet, but I know once they walk, there is no stopping them.

Now that my household contains 2 walkers, I have been promoted to head referee in charge! Instead of yelling calls, I have moved to immediate separations.

No time to negotiate!

Sophia breaks all the rules.

She’ll climb on anything and use her brother as a ladder in the process. I once saw her step up on his leg to climb onto the couch in the play room.

She is relentless and persistent.

I couldn’t be more proud!