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Pop-on January 28, 2008

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This is random but….

Love to pop bubble wrap?

Well, pop-on!

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation day! (I didn’t even know it existed) Supposedly it was invented by “accident” by someone wishing to create a cushioned wallpaper (could you imagine bubble wrap on your walls?)

Anyway, check out all these products made by Bubble Wrap that kids would just love (and some adults too).

Hop-n-Pop Activity Mat

For just $75 (JUST $75), you can entertain you child with foot stomping fun and stimulation. The mat is refillable with bubble wrap. The mat is cute, but who needs the mat?

Before you throw away that bubble wrap, here is a cute craft you can create with your kids, courtesy of Grandloving.com:

Grandloving Activity Idea: Bubble Wrap Prints

When you send those packages, be sure to include some bubble wrap with these instructions for an easy project your little artists will love!

Ages: Eighteen months to four years

You’ll Need:
* Tempera or washable fingerpaints
* Smocks or Grandpa’s old shirt as a coverup
* Newspapers to protect the table
* Plastic bubble wrap

Here’s How:
* Paint the bubble wrap.
* Place a piece of paper over it, and remove.
* The result is a gorgeous “modern art” design.

Bubble Wrap Fun features 1001 ways to use bubble wrap some of my favorites were:

#3. Little Boxers. Wrap kids hands in layers of large bubble and let them go at it without pain. No hitting below above the shoulders or below the waist.

#8. Lo-Jack unwanted Joy-Ride by teen. Place 6″ strips around the tires of the family car to alert them when their teenager tries to take the car out for a joy-ride at night, everyone will hear, BUSTED!

#45. Bubble Wrap Baby matting. Improvise a baby changing mat. A sheet of bubble wrap easily rolls up to fit in a baby bag and its padded too.

I can think of #1002:

Mom’s secret Stress reliever. Keep a secret stash of bubble wrap to have your way with during those stressful times during the day! It may not only relieve your stress, but make you laugh in the process!

Whatever you do with your bubble wrap you are probably bound to have just as much or more (I’m betting on more) fun then the kids, so, Pop on!


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