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Did someone say FREE? January 23, 2008

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With everyone trying to squeeze your last buck these days, why not do things with the the kids that are free.

They’ll have just as much fun, and in the end, you may be able to treat yourself to that mani-pedi you were always meaning get.

Here are the top ten free things my kids love to do.

10. Our favorite one for the summer, chasing my son around the yard with the water hose. I know it’s winter, and summer is months away (UGH!) but those warm weather memories gives me the strength to “hang in there” on the cold winter “inside”days.

9. This may be one for nice weather, but we love walking to our local park and bringing snacks and a drink.

8. Take a walking tour of your nearest city or your own hometown. View the boats on the waterfront, town hall and other local and historic landmarks.

7. Use you child’s favorite characters to make a story created by your little one. Write it down, to read and remember for another day. Have your child draw the illustrations.

6. Go to Petsmart or your local pet store and look at the pets. Be careful not to get tempted!

5. Take a walk past the local fire station. Some days firetrucks are out or the doors are open giving your little one the “Full-Monty”. You may even be able to ask your local fireman to give you a tour of the fire station or the fire truck.

4. Local bookstores, like Barnes and Noble, have great story times for pre-school age kids. Your child gets introduced into reading and socializing and for those kids with “energy” learning to sit still in a group is a plus. This may even be your chance to “preview” some kids books before buying them.

3. Along with your local bookstore, check your local public library. Ours holds Saturday morning play dates for young kids. They read books and make crafts. If you are a new mom or new to the area this is a great way to meet moms in your neighborhood.

2. Nature walks around the block. As long as it’s not super cold, we walk the block/neighborhood and pick up different rocks and leaves we find along the way. In the spring and summer we turn to flowers. (I may have to stop when he gets to the bug and worm stage!)

1. My son is a train enthusiast. We like to check the local train schedule, then take a walk to the train station and watch the trains go buy. He pretend he is seeing, Thomas, Gordon anyone of Thomas’ other friends.

Have any ideas? What are the other free things you and you children enjoy doing?


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