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What’s that? January 12, 2008

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My son has entered a new stage, the what’s that? who’s that?

I love the fact that he is so curious, but it makes my head spin as I try so patiently to come up with the answer to his repetitive questions.

Sometimes he asks what’s that to something non specific?

I have no idea where or in reference to what the question is aimed. I find myself shuffling to come up with an answer to a question I don’t understand.

I almost feel like I’m missing something.

As I see that inquisitive look on his face, I feel myself start to sweat and stammer.

What is that? He repeats until I say something.

UGH! What is WHAT?

I feel like we’re Abbott and Costello in the Who’s on first, What’s on second?

Only ours is called What’s that?

I’m Abbott and he’s Costello (in italics) although sometimes, I feel like Costello

What’s that?

The moon.

That’s the stars. It’s dark.

Yes, but that’s the moon.

That’s the sun.

No it’s dark that’s the moon

That’s the moon? What’s that?

The stars.

Where’s the sun?

It comes out during the daytime.

It’s nighttime? Is that the moon?


What’s that?


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