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SAHM seeks PCD (playdate companion) January 9, 2008

I feel like I am sneaking in a post as I sit here, on the floor in the kids play room (everyone soundly napping) laptop perched upon the Spongebob chair.

We had a play “date” today with one of the mother’s I meet almost a year ago at our local Gymboree. I emphasize the word date because that is what it feels like, mother’s sizing each other and their kids up to see if you and your little one could be a likely play date companion. After the initial approach, exchange of phone numbers, and first call, it feels like the luck of the draw, you never know what you are going to get!

But what are you supposed to expect?

Friendship or just someone to go on play dates with?

We went out today and I felt like the “red headed step child” of the mother friends. My friend had bought her cousin, who doesn’t have kids and another mother and her daughter from my friend’s daughter’s preschool. The entire time we were there they sat and talked in their little circle. It is hard for me to do that with my kids. In order for Sophia to play, I have to play with her.

Maybe I just need to take it for what it is worth, a play date.

I guess the initial reason I go on them is so that my son will get to go places and play with and meet other children.

Although at first, I enjoyed my friend’s company and my son enjoyed her daughter’s company, but they have grown apart. Now they attend different preschools and have different friends (as much as kids can be “friends” in preschool), so maybe it’s time for me to branch out and move on.

Meet some mothers with kids in my son’s class.


I’m afraid of rejection.

What if I’m just not that mother’s cup of tea? After all, I’m not just the plain blend, neither are my children.

We come with a little sweetness and spice, shall we say an exotic blend?

I think I just have to suck it up and take play dates for what they’re worth, great experiences for my children to develop and grow socially. And if a new mom friend comes along with it , I’ll just take it as an added bonus.

Maybe I should take out an ad:

Energetic, outgoing, friendly, married, suburban, African

American Stay-At-Home Mother of 2 beautiful interracial

children seeks another mother for play dates and possible

friendship. Ethnic background not important. Must be outgoing,

flexible and spontaneous, able to experience new things with

toddler in tow. Be willing to share motherhood experiences

similar but not limited to potty training, temper tantrums, and

sibling rivalry. Friendship not necessary, but is a welcomed bonus.

Weekly play dates preferred but not necessary and can be

rescheduled and canceled due to necessary parenting,

family mishaps, not limited to weather, sickness, flat tires,

temper tantrums, or just plain old mommy tiredness. Most

important just be willing to have a great time, leaving the

competitive, petty BS at home.


4 Responses to “SAHM seeks PCD (playdate companion)”

  1. anonymom Says:

    Had a good laugh here. I’m finding a rough patch with playdates for my second daughter. The group I recently joined is comprised of primarily first-time mothers, about a decade younger than me, and I just don’t seem to fit in. And my daughter? Well, toddlers don’t really play together anyway, they play alongside one another. The playdates are an excuse for me to get out of the house, but if I don’t have friends to help pass the time, what’s the sense? I will stick with the friends I made the first time around and wait until my toddler goes to school for her to make her own friends.

    May I ask why you are “swimmom”? Are you a swimmer? I am looking to start some serious swimming for exercise–I have to do a sport and my ankle is too busted to figure skate again.

  2. swimmom Says:

    I swam competitively for most my life. But not lately, I tend to migrate towards dry land exercise. But, I want to start getting back in the pool. But it is great exercise.

  3. Andrea Says:

    This was HYSTERICALLY funny! After I got married, I thought I had left dating behind until I had children. Then the playdating dilemma began. I so understand where you’re coming from:) I joke that it was easier to find a wedding gown and husband than it has been to find a good playgroup. I’m still looking….best wishes to you!

  4. amanda Says:

    I never thought I would ever meet anyone with my same issues when it came to toddler dating. My son is 2 and I am 22 years old. The playdate group I went to had a lot of first time moms with kids my age. So I thought, oh how great! Nope, boy was I wrong. Most of the moms were mid thirsties and trust me age isn’t an issue with me I joined for my son to get more social skills.I guess bc I am 22 that mattered? I was highly dissapointed!we all had the same thing in common;being a mom.

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