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Conversation with “Bob” January 7, 2008

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As to not embarrass his later in life, I have changed the name of the child in question.

But it’s not Astrophysics considering I only have one talking baby at this time, that is if you don’t count, Momma, daddy, and Hi. (Oh yeah, and googoo, gaga, yaya and all the other 300 words in the universal baby language.)

This is how the conversation went with my, um, baby #1, let’s call him Bob, this morning after leaving mysterious banana on recliner.

“Bob, did you leave your banana on the recliner?”

Bob, “Oh shit!”


Bob says again, “Oh shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit”

It is important to not only point out what Bob, said, but how he used it ever so correctly!

Bob catches on quick!


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