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The best of times, The worst of times January 5, 2008

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Yesterday started out great.

We took a trip to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. We got there early, which I highly recommend, for 2 reasons. First, we got to take advantage of the meter parking right near the museum, it was like $3 for 3 hours, you can’t beat it and you really don’t need much more time than that with little kids. Second, when you go early (and on a weekday) it is not that crowded, you can let your kids run around and not worry about losing them, we really had the displays and attractions to ourselves.

George had a blast with the Train Factory, a 350 ton locomotive that has been there since 1939. Even I was impressed!You actually get on it for a “train ride” and the guide really tells a great story! He was mesmerized by the Giant heart display.

You can take a little hike through the heart, learning about the blood flow and arteries. He loved hearing the heartbeats, which resonate through out the display area. He also enjoyed Kids Science, hands on displays dealing with water, magnets, mirrors and much more. And another favorite was the Sports Challenge, and the Franklin Airshow displays.

Basically, he enjoyed the entire museum.

I will not waste a lot of time telling you too much about them, but it is definitely worth checking out if you live in the area or will be there visiting.

If you have a little train enthusiast such as mine, I would recommend working your way from the 3rd floor down, seeing the train display last because, we saw it first and he had serious separation anxiety.

You’d think I should know better!

Anyway, we had a great time, even Sophia was awake the whole time, clapping her hands and laughing.

As you know with kids, things can drastically change, one minute great and the next…unpredictable.

On to the unpredictable.

Later that night I was giving the kids a bath, Sophia loves to get in the big tub with George.

I usually put him in , wash him and then put her in, wash her and take her out and dress her in the bathroom while he plays in the tub. So, she goes in her crib, while I take him out and dress him. As I put her in I notice she stands and then falls face first, for some reason, against the side of the crib, I didn’t think she was hurt, so I get her to stop crying, give her the binky and go to get George out of the tub. As I come back into the room with George, I look over at Sophia, and she is sucking on the binky, laughing, blood everywhere, all over her mouth, on her onsie, all on her crib sheets.

My heart dropped.

It appears that when she feel in the crib, her face against the crib, it lifted her upper lip and she partially tore that piece of skin that connects your upper lip to the gum, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, there was blood everywhere. And of course, blood mixed with saliva just looks like double the blood there really is. So I panicked, of course, what else was I to do, handle things like a rational person, too easy.

Let me remind you, while I am trying to get the bleeding to stop with a towel because at first I thought she bit through her lip, George is naked, jumping on my bed, laughing, screaming and having a good ‘ol time,I’m sure marking his spot.

So, my husband wasn’t home at the time, because get this, he was with his brother, whom was sick, in the emergency room (another long story). So who do we rely on when hubby isn’t available, but my trusty mom.

It is funny how the person who used to get me so worked up, is now the person who is able to calm me down. I rely on my mother more than ever now that I have kids. I guess as a kid I never quite understood, why she was “freaking” out? worrying? etc. but you have your own kids, and you finally look at your mom and have that ah moment, where everything having to do with my mom finally made perfect sense.

Anyway, to make this story short the bleeding finally stopped and everything is okay.

As I was on the phone with my mom, I said ” I am sooooo bad at handling things like this”.

She replied, “No one is ever good at it”.

I asked, “Well, does it get easier?”

She replied, “kind of but not really.”

“Why?” I questioned, ” Because the injuries get worse?”


Frankly stated.

The best of times, the worst of times and you don’t need a lifetime to experience both, just a couple hours.


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