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My New Year’s Wish January 1, 2008

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Instead of a resolution, I’m making a New Years wish.

Why not?

And all I want for the New Year is simple, really.

No boogger eating, mud-bathing, baby crying, bed jumping, temper-tantrum, limp-body, kicking and screaming, toy throwing, sister-hitting, brother-bothering, toy-messing, poopy on the floor, pee-pee on you sister, i don’t wanna, move her, gimme that, no, no, days.

Let’s be realistic!

Since that’s not gonna happen, I’ll take the happy healthy, gotta love them, sing their ABC’s, and smile at you in the middle of a “tornado”, make you forget, why you were mad days.

And you know, those happen all the time.


One Response to “My New Year’s Wish”

  1. Good that you made some new year resolutions (you said wishes). Even we have suggested some before your kid ask you “Did you make any resolution??”
    Let us know if you can add some…

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