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Year in Review December 30, 2007

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This was an exciting year as we went from a family of 3, to a family of 4,

and my crazy husband wants to more.

For little George, it was a shock, when this little monster he met in the hospital,

showed up at his heels, sucking a bottle.

He kissed her and hugged her and nicknamed her “seea”.

It is great she doesn’t move, that is, until she hit her groove.

Soon Sophia squirmed and wiggled and pulled to a stand

and whether or not he liked it gave her big brother a “helping” hand.

She was all over that tot, pulling and taking, climbing and scraping.

I hear his screams of “mommy move her”as she whines and persists and until he avoids her.

While we play referee

“don’t touch her”

“don’t hit her”

“she loves you”

“she’s little”

Hopefully it’ll get better but I’m not so sure,

because next year comes a really big first.

George talked and talked

repeating the unmentionables and remembering those forgettables.

We sighed and we screeched.

Our hands to our head they would reach.

We shook our heads and our fingers and learned that at times these 2 little cuties

would put us through the ringer.

But we loved and laughed and giggled and learned

that somehow

twice the love, twice the anger

and twice the frustration,

always ends up in one way or another

twice the love and laughter.

Ready for next year?


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