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Christmas Hangover December 27, 2007

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Not that kind of hangover?

Don’t get me wrong,I love the holidays. But, isn’t it a nice relief when the hustle and bustle is over?

I didn’t do a bunch of last minute shopping (for the first time ever), I guess it was just the cooking (and then cleaning) and preparing and everything else, and we didn’t even have the holiday dinner at our house. But it was nice to spend time with family! That is really the part I have started to look forward to, especially since having kids.

We decorated our tree, helped my parents decorate theirs, drove around at night with the kids in their jammies, hot cocoas in hand looking at Christmas lights. Somehow, it seemed magical and slightly comical, especailly listening to the way my son pronounces Christmas….Ismas.

“I see Ismas lights!” he would proudly prounounce from the back seat.

My husband would ask,”what kind of lights do you see?” to try and get him to say it again.

Quickly he would respond,” I see green and red Ismas lights!!”

You couldn’t help but laugh.

As far as Christmas morning, Sophia loved playing with her toys, immediately shoving putting them straight to her mouth. George had to watch her play with her toys to get into the spirit. I thought he would be the one to run into the room and open up the gifts before I could whip out my camcorder, but this time I as worried I didn’t have enough tape.

After seeing the gifts and deciding he didn’t know what to do, he actually backed into the hallway and said,”I’m gonna sit right here.”

Once he got into to opening them it took him a good hour (which my mom would have loved). He would unwrap his gift one at a time and play with it and inspect it before opening the others.

His “big” gifts were a huge firetruck and a race car set. He wouldn’t play with those until he looked at everything else. I think he is still trying to wrap his head around the whole concept of Christmas.

He probably wonders, “How did this stuff get here?” and “How did Santa know exactly what I wanted?”

I guess the theory of some guy named Santa, dressed in a red suit, coming down his chimney and putting gifts in his house while he is alseep is still a bit odd.

I am sure I was a bit freaked out when I was younger.

Who wasn’t? At least at first?

But he was very polite. Giving others gifts, saying thank you after receiving his.

How long will that last?

The real Christmas gifts I received was hearing George sing his ABC’s, when I honestly didn’t even know he knew them, the hugs and smiles from the kids and my husband every morning, Sophia’s laughter and silliness and her ever-so-developing personality, and the fact that I have a beautiful family to spend the holidays with.

For now, I’ll enjoy the innocence of the holiday season as it exists in the eye of my children.

How George sees the magical quality in “Ismas lights” and every Santa, Reindeer and Snowman is the greatest thing he has seen all season.

How Sophia takes it all in, every little bit of it, lights, stockings, wrapping paper, her brothers toys, and the zipper on my pants leg, all into her mouth, every last bit.

Right now, I can sit and breathe, no wrapping, shopping, baking, making, decorating and giving.

I can relax, For now.

Only 363 days until next Christmas, better start now, it’ll be here before you know it.


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