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Stupid Mom (and Dad) Moment #684 December 22, 2007

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When we first had George, we would us the baby bath tub on the countertop.

It wasn’t until he was almost to big for it, that we realized it fit nicely in the grooves of our double sink. Afterall, it was a bathtub fit for the sink.

Please let us know we are not the only ones.

I am sure you have some stupid moments of your own that you would love to share and I would love to hear.


One Response to “Stupid Mom (and Dad) Moment #684”

  1. Oro Selket Says:

    This happens all the time, one thing I hope you don’t let happen, which is thought pollution, we as parents are guilty of several things, specially the I want it now syndrome, most kids learn it from their parents, for example when a parent says to their kids I want you now to do this or that, or I want you now to be good, and then we try to correct it later as the kid grows older. Be careful how you say things, as kids are an excellent copying machine a recorder and a very good video camera as well. Also be careful what the kid watches on TV if you allow TV, so you don’t wonder later where did they learn that from.
    I have written a full chapter about thought pollution in my book How to Raise a Super Kid, and also wrote about the I want it now syndrome – that is what I call it a syndrome – .

    I don’t mean to talk about my book but if you visit amazon you can search inside the book, and also read the detailed table of contents I have written so people can decide if the book is for them or not.

    Kids are born super and then things happen and they go lower, so we as parents have to be careful what we say and what we expose them to.

    Wishing you and your family the best

    Oro Selket

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