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The things they say December 19, 2007

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My son loves getting washed.

Especially if it involves a shower with daddy.

It doesn’t matter if you just gave him a bath an hour earlier.

Before you can try to distract him, he is in the bathroom, clothes off, hopping in to the shower with daddy. Of course, never alone, with 5 cars in hand, usually a mixture of Lightning McQueen, Chic Hics, Sally, King, and Mater, every time George gets washed, they join him (according to the George the Cars movie is the greatest thing, only second to, of course, Thomas the Train).

Anyway, this morning, while they were in the shower, it is usually my husband getting washed, George playing with his cars, George noticed daddy has freckles on his back.

“Daddy, you got polka dots!”

Daddy confused, “What?”

“Daddy, you got polka dots on your back!”

When he got out of the shower after hearing this story I had to share with George, I have freckles on my nose.

“George, I have polka dots on my nose!”

“Mommy, that’s silly!” “That’s so silly mommy!”

Calling them polka dots makes freckles 10 times cuter.


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