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Date Night December 14, 2007

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Every couple married with kids needs a date night, especially ones married with kids under the age of 3.

Tonight was our date night, the first one we have had in a while, but probably one of the best.

We didn’t do anything too exciting. We went to dinner at Brio (great food, but a bit overpriced) and then we went to see I am Legend, starring Will Smith(good movie).

I think more important than what you do during date night night, is the fact that you are spending time together.

This was the first time it was just me and my husband in a while.

No one pulling at our legs, there were no toddler/infant scuffles to referee and no dirty diapers to change, it was just us.

We laughed, joked, and relaxed into ourselves.

I had a nice glass of wine during dinner and had a really nice buzz going while we browsed Crate and Barrel together before the movie, talking and laughing.

“Why don’t you give your parents a call and check on the kids?”, my husband asks.

He just killed my buzz.


I have kids?

For a moment there, I almost forgot.

I said almost.

But It was nice.

When I came home, both my kids were fast asleep (I don’t know how my parents did it). I lifted my son out of bed to change his diaper and realized that although I definetly need date nights, my husband has given me the greatest gifts in the world: sticky kisses, silly smiles, laughter and screams, unconditional love and 2 beautiful children.

I truly have the greatest husband in the world.



One Response to “Date Night”

  1. ladonnamobile Says:

    Good for you! Every couple needs date nights!

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